Product Name : Superbond+
Product Description

Ø   Application: Resistant Cast Iron, Ductile Cast Iron, Stainless Steel, Alloy Steel

Ø   Product Characteristics:

-          Increase green sand strength more than 20%

-          Increase Mold Surface Stability more than 25%, improve stability of green sand

-          Increase the amount of sand have been used could be recycled, content of hot sand could be decrease.

-          Will smoothen the sand particles and in turn improve the blasting incompact

-          Bright carbon provides good circulation and improves air permeability resulting to reduce any defect while producing casting product

-          Reduce water quantity, volatile and adding material needed.

-          Excellent collapsibility, reduce time required.

Ø   Addition amount: 0.05-0.08% (Ex: 1000kg recycle of sand, addition amount 0.5-0.8kg)

Product Introduction