Product Name : SLAG X Conditioner
Product Description

SLAG X is a melt additive which alters the characteristics of slag formed and purified the molten metals, resulting in improved energy efficiency in electric induction melting.


l   Immediate Benefits:

Softened Slag

Increased Fluidity of Molten metals

Less Slag Adhesion to Furnace Lining

Cleaner Riser/Feeder Head


Subsequent Benefits:

Preventing Bridging Effect

Extended furnace lining life by 10% and up

Lowered pouring temperature

Reduced casting defects

Enhanced casting physical property

Improved melting efficiency


l   Direction:

[Electric Induction Furnace] Apply SLAG X together with steel scraps and carbon additive or silicon carbide at the bottom of the furnace.

[Ladle] Place SLAG X at the bottom of the ladle and then the molten metals are poured onto

[Addition amount] 0.03%-0.08% of molten metals. 0.05% is suggested for the initial use. Observe the condition of the furnace lining after each run and then determine the optimal addition amount.


l   Application:

Gray Cast Iron/Nodular Cast Iron

Stainless Steel/ Alloy Steel

Copper Alloy Cast


l   Note:

Do not apply directly on the surface of the molten metals

Store in a dry atmosphere otherwise the effectiveness will be affected due to