Product Name : Perlite Sand
Product Description

NCTH Slag Remover (Perlite Sand) is used in the steel and foundry industries for easy removal of slag produced during melting process by coagulating slag or impurities in molten metals to prevent slag inclusion in the casting.

NCTH Slag Remover has excellent slag binding performance and significantly fewer toxic smokes or fumes emitted. When applied during ladle filling, a gentle rolling motion is produced which cleanses the metal by coagulating impurities. NCTH Slag Remover can also form an insulating layer to maintain metal temperature when needed.


l   Application Range

Cast Iron

Cast Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Alloy Steel

Copper Alloy Castings


l   Advantages

- Excellent Slag Binding Performance

- Few Toxic Smoke or Fumes Emitted

- Excellent Thermal Insulator

- Good diffusivity


l   Direction

- Electric Induction Furnace

Apply NCTH Slag Remover before it reached pouring temperature can reduce heat radiations and shorten heating-up time. When it reaches pouring temperature, apply appropriate amount of NCTH Slag Remover for easy removal of slag.


-          Ladle

Cover a thin layer of NCTH Slag Remover on the surface of molten metals to prevent slag inclusion in the casting by coagulating impurities when pouring.


l   Note

Apply on the surface of molten metals

Stored in a dry atmosphere or the performance will be affected by moisture



Product Introduction



# 1

2.8 – 1.1 mm

# 2

0.5 – 1 mm

# 3.3

0.425 – 1.4 mm

# 3.5

0.15 – 0.50 mm

# 4

0.15 – 0.25 mm