Product Name : Exothermic Piping Compound
Product Description

l   Description

NCTH Exothermic Anti-piping Compound is used in foundries after pouring, to maintain the molten metal temperature in the upper part to stay nearly the same as the lower layer, and prevent piping defect in the casting.

Due to the temperature of molten metals, NCTH Exothermic Anti-piping Compound will burn and provide reservoir of liquid metal for solidification (liquid contraction) during cooling process. After burning, an insulating layer will form to decrease heat loss. Cavities resulted from shrinkage will become more curve-like (U-shaped), instead of funnel-like (V-shaped)


l   Direction

After pouring, apply the compound on the surface of molten metals through sprue and riser/feeder head. The compound will react with molten metals and start burning to supply heat.


l   Application

Cast Iron

Cast Steel/ Stainless Steel/ Alloy Steel


l   Advantages:

- Slower Solidification of Upper Molten Metal

- Reduced Heat Loss

- Improved Feeding Capacity

- Decreased Piping Defect

- Few Toxic Smoke or Fume Emitted.


shaped => U-shaped

l   Note

Store the compounds in a dry, cool and shady area, and away from any sources of heat, flame or anything that may produce sparks.

Product Introduction