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NCTH/ CHC and NCTH Invest $260 Million in Taichun

CHC and NCTH Invest $260 Million in Taichung Harbor  
Dec. 29th, 2006

After working a year, the Taichung Harbor Bureau signed contracts with China Hi-Ment Corporation (CHC) and New Chien Te Hang Company (NCTH).  CHC and NCTH are going to invest total two hundred sixty million dollars in Taichung Harbor next year.

CHC will put two billion dollars to build a slag powder mill of seven-hectare in Taichung Harbor Industrial Park, while NCTH establishes a three-hectare Foundries Logistic Warehouse Center in Taichung Harbor Logistic Area with six-hundred-forty-seven-million investment.  Both constructions will start next year.

Tsai, Duei, the Minister of Transport, cheerfully attended the signing ceremony.  In the speech, Minister Tsai said CHC and NCTH, which foresightedly invested Taichung Harbor, will create a profitable future with the Bureau. With these two investments, which will increase container throughput of Taichung Harbor by four hundred eighty thousand ton, the neighborhood will be benefited with more job opportunities and prospect, as well as the government income, the Bureau said.  

To provide better service and investing environment for investors, except the transport system, the Bureau is planning of harbor extension.  In the near future, Taichung Harbor will be able to present the more convenient shipping service, and therefore develop a sounder investment environment.

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