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PRODUCT/ SLAG X [Slag Conditioner]
2009/9/22 下午 04:52:53

SLAG X [Slag Conditioner]

Slag X is an additive which alters the characters of slag and purifies the molten metal, resulting in improved melting efficiency for an Electric Induction Furnace. The following are features of Slag X:

Improving Energy Efficiency & Production Capacity - The formation of slag adhesion to the furnace lining not only greatly hampers electrical efficiency but also decreases furnace capacity. By preventing insolubles or slag buildup on the lining, Slag X contributes to energy efficiency and production capacity.

Extending Life-Span of Refractory Lining - During melting operation, slag constantly reacts with the surface of furnace lining and exhausts the refractories on the surface. Slag X helps lengthening refractory lining life by about 10% or above by preventing slag, impurities, residing metals and the mixture of the above from adhering to and reacting with the lining.

Softening Slag Layer - The thick solid slag layer on the surface of molten metal hinders the input of raw material. Slag X prevents production holdups caused by thickened slag layer by making the layer softer and penetrable.

Improving Yield - Slag X improves production yield by minimizing impurities or slag inclusions in the casting.


•Cast Iron / Nodular Cast Iron / Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
•Cast Steel / Stainless Cast Steel / Alloy Steel

Electric Induction Furnace / Ladle

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